The barber shop to many is considered a wright of passage for many boys who become men. It is a place where their fathers or their grandfathers would take them to get their first haircut. The young boy would sit in the barber's chair and the barber is instructed on what to do. This persons gifted hands are being tasked to take those words, the picture, the image, the idea, or the thought and shape it into a haircut that is the personification of not only what they were told to do, but that gifted individuals ability to turn words into art. Being a Master Barber, isn't something that everyone has the ability to be, it is a rare individual because cutting hair is an art that not every barber can perform at the same level. So, when choosing a barber take this into consideration. Young or old; man, woman, or child a haircut is important. Getting that right haircut makes people feel good about themselves, it gives them that boost of confidence, and they can conquer the world. Having a great haircut makes a declaration about the person and gives a window into who that person is.

At Trendsetters 307 Barber Shop, we have a team of barbers who are highly skilled and highly trained. Each one of our barbers know the latest haircut styles without any delay. If you are the type of person that likes a more traditional, old school haircut, our barbers are just as proficient at that as well. Trendsetters 307 is based and founded in tradition from barber shops that have preceded us. At Trendsetters 307 our barbers make sure that everyone who walks in our door receives a first-rate haircut to include stellar customer service in an environment that shows how prolific and diverse we and our client base is. We make it our mission to give everyone that barber shop experience, and that will take you back and make you remember your very first visit as a young child. For a haircut that speaks volumes of being more than just a "fresh cut," come to Trendsetters 307 and experience us.